ANIMAL Defense Society(otd)

We work to defend the welfare of animals who have endured the suffering of any form of animal abuse great or small. Seek punishable crimes for those who have been victimized. Work with local and national organizations to bring about a safer place for pets. Save the lives of homeless pets who are at risk and depend on us for their emotional and physical well being through our foster care program until they are adopted. We are a NO-KILL animal welfare organization.

Outline Mission Statement

    • Through the justice system, we are to enforce animal abuse and expand the boundaries of animal law.
    • Save the lives of homeless pets that are at risk in local city and county operated facilities.
    • Form an alliance with Animal Control agencies and both city and state governments to gain the support to advance the interest of animals in today’s society.

Assist and to provide legal assistance to prosecutors and court appointed officials in handling cruelty cases.Work to engage and encourage the federal government to enforce existing animal protection laws that protects animal welfare.Educate and to increase the awareness of animal abuse that exists today through community involvement.Work to implement incentives into our programs that will bring about a time where animal abuse is of no more. To defend the rights of animal welfare by combating against illegitimate breeders, puppy mill’s, and all other means of forced reproduction of offspring.Provide spay services to the public as funds and resources are available. (More information coming soon).Willing to put our lives on the line to rescue pets in the event their lives are in crisis through legalized life saving efforts.

Our Programs

  • Litigation through the aid of a legal council
  • Ending Shelter Euthanasia of the adoptable pet
  • Criminal Justice and Enforcement of Animal Law
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Youth Education and mentoring to become a Responsible Pet Parent
  • Animal Cruelty, Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment, or any other crime that jeopardizes the welfare of animals through investigation.
  • Stop the Breeding and Selling for profit values

If it involves an animal, we’re there. If it involves an animals life and it’s welfare is violated – JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

Bandit’s Resort, Inc. is a public non-profit 501c3 approved organization.  It is it’s own entity but works in alliance and is a strong partner with other leading National Animal Welfare Organizations. While we operate two divisions (governing animal law and animal rescue efforts) we are an organization that receives no public funding. We survive only on the donations that we receive. Without your generosity and care for those who need humans most, we are able to keep our doors open and save lives. Together, we WILL save them all and work together toward a happier safer place for tomorrow’s pet.