Bandit’s Resort Animal Rescue’s mission statement is quite easy.

Bandit’s Resort, INC. will educate the public in ways to develop awareness of “backyard breeders,” dog fighting, puppy mills, breed specific legislation and how it is unjust, importance of spay and neuter, and educating the public on the importance of adopting vs. buying.

Bandit’s Resort Animal Rescue will save the lives of homeless pets by rescuing animals who are at risk of being euthanized due to population control in the local and county animal shelters. Bandit’s resort is also to become a No-Kill animal sanctuary where animals will be safe from harm, provided with emotional support and love that they desperately need, rehabilitation, and will be placed for adoption in loving homes. Bandit’s Resort also cares for the senior animals and those who are non-adoptable. These animals will live the remaining years of their life with us. We are a NO-KILL ANIMAL RESCUE.

Bandit’s Resort, Inc. is a public non-profit 501c3 approved organization.  animal rescue which strives solely on the donations that it receives. Without your generosity and care for those who need humans most, we are able to keep our doors open and save lives. Together, we CAN create a No-Kill movement.